WAYNE’S WORLD: It’s becoming the ex-factor


Now I do not work in radio there is no problem with me missing the X Factor.

I used to have to watch it, take notes on anything that is a talking point and record audio to edit and use on the show.

So you can imagine that not having to do any of this has been a real joy and I have been able to watch it from a different angle.

Maybe it is just me but I have not been bothered about it this year.

It’s the same old show, full of clichés and crying and young people with talent and dreams at the mercy of the big corporations.

My wife and I were discussing over the shows how many people have simply not made it. But have they failed?

If the singer that let’s say used to work in a call centre and since being on the X Factor now has a great time travelling the world on a cruise ship, where the food is first class and the boring 9-5 is a distant memory then you could say they have been successful.

If success is measured by record deals then the majority simply do not come close and those that have a taste of the high life like Amelia Lily, from Middlesbrough, then having an album that’s a flop and losing a deal is maybe very hard to take at a very young age especially when you have talent.

I have interviewed many so-called stars from X Factor and I have thousands of stories I could tell but for now I will share a little story of how mediocre fame can change someone.

I remember being the host on stage at a Durham Miners’ Gala years ago when Journey South had been on the X Factor.

I made some audio for the start of my bit on stage which was designed to generate atmosphere.

The production did its job and as the voice over bellowed “If you’re ready to party, scream” the crowd screamed.

One of the boys from Journey South said “Did you hear that, the crowd is ready for us”? I just thought.... Oh My God you really have no idea do you?

If you are someone who dreams of such a life, I would say have a go as it’s better to have tried and experienced something than to never bother and not have a story to tell.