WAYNE’S WORLD: No return to air

It has been five months since I and many off my fellow radio presenters were finished at TFM Radio.

I have not gone into detail to how I felt, what or why it happened... yet.

That’s for another day but it will not contain digs at people or a one way whinge.

I did want to share with my column readers something and if ever there was an exclusive then this is it.

I am never to return to the radio in the future.

I have been offered two radio jobs, none of which are in the North-East.

I nearly went to a station but I believe they were playing with me, choosing another presenter in my place which is a shame as I would have gone and done my best to make the show a success.

It was clear they had their star in mind.

However it did not stop them from coming back to me to see if I was still interested. I have not got back to them.

As I write this column I sit waiting to hear if I have a training co-ordinator’s job for a large training company that trains not only members of the modern workforce but specialises in apprentices.

As an electrician with a teaching qualification this is a job I am very suitable for.

I feel I still have the fun in me for radio but the industry for the presenter wanting a career is in decline with more networking inevitable and less local which used to be the selling point for such stations. That’s business though.

If it did not happen to me now then it would happen years later when I would be older, probably less qualified and find it harder to make a change.

The lure of a job with more security, paid holidays, healthcare and a pension where the company matches your contribution seems the sensible way to go having a family, even with skills finding a job has been super tough.

People ask what I think of the TFM management.

You should never burn your bridges but I can say with conviction they looked after me, paid me what I was owed and made sure when I was in hospital for a week and not at work, that I got paid for that week when really I shouldn’t have, being self employed.

They kept their end of the bargain and we parted on friendly terms and the managing director Cath was wonderful.

I have had many emails from my listeners asking about a return to the airwaves so now you know.

It’s something I have not made public until now.

As for seeing me on the stage hosting events, that is very much on and happening as the buzz of hosting the Pride of Hartlepool Awards is just too good to miss.