WAYNE’S WORLD: One November 5 I will not forget

I took my boys to a local fireworks display on Bonfire Night.

The fireworks did not fail to make everyone go crazy with excitement.

I do like having fireworks at home with friends around but the cost has got to a point where it’s not practical and with three children you cannot risk the Catherine wheel spinning off the fence.

They only give you a small nail to hold down what is essentially a circular rocket.

Organised displays are safer and great value for money, especially the one I went to because it was free.

It was a council-run event and they did an exceptional job, over shadowed by an army of parking attendants with their cameras and ticket issuing machines.

It’s a given with half the town coming to watch a free firework show that parking would be tough and people make do and park where they can.

I know there are rules but it’s one night and a family one at that.

The night ended with a big bang for many motorists as we returned with our families we were greeted with a fine.

Planned or not, it was not fair and dampened what was an amazing night .

It turned out to be just fine, a £30 fine!