WAYNE’S WORLD: Soaking up the sun in Hot-le-pool

The Fish Sands during the summer heat wave.
The Fish Sands during the summer heat wave.

Hartlepool went one big step up in my amazing chart the other day.

I know we have had a few showers recently but wow we have had some amazing weather.

I took full advantage of this to enjoy the beaches we have.

This was done with a picnic and a very, very cold bottle of wine and I placed myself on the beach just about where the Race for Life runners usually finish.

It’s a great spot as the aeroplanes taking people on holiday sometimes come over and there is nothing worse than seeing a plane knowing everyone is going abroad on holiday in the bad weather.

But when it’s hot there is nothing better. It was brilliant.

I chuckled every time I saw one thinking you have paid thousands to go away for nice weather and I am practically roasting on this beach in Hartlepool.

I love fishing, coarse fishing in local ponds. But when it is hot I love to hire a boat and go sea fishing.

To be honest I just throw the line over the side and hope for the best.

On this weekend the fishing was brilliant and looking back at the pictures, the sea was so blue it mirrored a holiday picture of me in Malta. Unbelievable!

So the next time you know it’s going to be hot, hot, hot – plan, plan, plan.

Get to the beach.

We are blessed in Hartlepool and to be honest I think we can take for granted what we have so close.

My friend from Birmingham has to travel two hours to even see the sea, so we are lucky and I intend to make the most of every hot day we have.

Knowing my luck as you read this it will most likely to be pouring it down, but that’s the UK for you...