WAYNE’S WORLD: Time to be more flexible at work

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Since changing jobs and not having to get up at 4am the only thing I miss is not dealing with rush hour traffic.

My new job as an electrical apprentice assessor means I can be pretty flexible.

The luxury of being able to do the school run is fantastic but I do choose to get up early.

I say early, 6.00am is hardly early but compared to breakfast radio it’s practically a weekend lie in.

But I choose to get up early so I can avoid the rush hour.

If you find yourself stuck in a sea of rear red lights then maybe it’s worth getting up early, having a nice leisurely drive into work and when you arrive have a little nap or enjoy some you-time between you and your phone.

The extra half hour in bed is not worth the extra forty minutes on the road.

The key to the problem is in the title “Rush Hour”.

Everyone is in a rush to get into work – leaving it to the last minute to leave home.

Cars race ahead as one lane joins another which causes the flowing traffic to jam their brakes on which creates a ghost traffic jam.

I think we have all experienced them.

There is a massive queue for miles and eventually is dissipates and you wonder what caused the problem in the first place?

I would love to see what would happen if bosses said “Hey, if you’re a little late in the morning, don’t worry”?

That way we can drive to work without having to cut each other up just so we can clock in by a certain time.

Rushing around like busy idiots just makes us late anyway.

The problem is simple: There are too many people on the roads at the same time. Bosses now is the time to be flexible because the world is always running 10 minutes late!