WAYNE’S WORLD: Too much sleep is not good for you

All this week I have been doing some electrical work for a firm in Hartlepool.

It’s been hard work and early starts but I have not had to get up as early as 4.00am like I did when I was the TFM Radio breakfast show presenter and here’s the weird thing, I get more sleep now than before yet feel worse for it.

Back when I was at TFM I was lucky if I got five hours sleep a night with the evening prep, helping with the kids and then trying to have a bit of a life watching television.

I always used to go to bed at 11pm at the earliest and wake up at 4am feeling like I would do anything for an extra half an hour in bed.

It always felt like it was just too early to be getting up at that time.

I always remember it was like getting up when you were due to go on your holidays with no actual holiday to go on and at this time of year you always saw a taxi taking an excited family to the airport, who were destined for a break!

These days I get more sleep. For example last night I had seven hours and here is the thing I cannot understand, I feel worse for it.

I would have thought that now I have a normal decent sleep I would wake up like Mary Poppins singing to the birds. But no, I wake up like I have been chief drinker on a stag do.

For weeks I have been doing my own stupid sleep experiments like more or less sleep, no wine before, a few glasses, decaf tea.

But every morning I woke up feeling rough.

Then I had that eureka moment and realised what has changed.

In the last few weeks my little boy, Jack, who is nearly two has just started sleeping all the way through from the moment we put him to bed until he gets up.

Even at TFM Radio with only a few hours sleep, my wife and I would be up loads but now, he is out for the count.

So I can only imagine I must be having a deep sleep and that’s why I feel terrible. But I can handle that as nothing is worse than going to bed and getting up at 4am.

It’s too early in my opinion only made considerably worse by the invention of the snooze button.