WILLO TALK: Delight as summer arrives... but it’ll soon be ‘too hot to sit out’

Enjoying the warm weather on the Fish Sands
Enjoying the warm weather on the Fish Sands

AFTER four days without rain and a bit of a white patch where my watch has been, I think it’s fair to say summer has finally arrived.

We’ve had all of the extremes in the last few months.

When it’s rained we’ve had Noah’s Ark floating down Catcote Road, when it’s been windy it’s been like a scene from the Wizard of Oz and when it’s been cold, even the brass monkey down the marina turned the central heating up.

Last year, if I remember rightly, summer was on a Tuesday.

But this year things are going to be much better and it might even last a fortnight.

Hopefully, the sun will stay out a bit longer because everyone seems to be in a better mood when it’s warm.

I don’t know why it is, but I remember writing this column at Christmas, talking about how people argue and fight over who saw the last bag of sprouts in the supermarket.

We fight over car parking spaces, we argue over who gets the last spare seat on the train, we huff and puff when we’re stood in queues.

But when it’s sunny and the barbecue aisle is rammed and everyone’s trolley is full of lager, everybody seems a bit more cheerful.

“It’s OK, you can have the last box of chicken legs, I didn’t want them anyway and those horse burgers look lovely.”

People are walking about in their shorts and flip flops, they’re smiling and waving and laughing and joking as they skip about their daily business.

It’s easier getting up on a morning, we can open the window in the office, and even after a hard day at work you can still get a couple of hours to chillax – as the cool kids say – in the garden.

We’ll soon have the Britain Bakes In Heatwave headlines and the TV cameras will be straight down to the beach to catch us splashing about as soon as it’s a degree hotter than Spain.

But then the novelty will start to wear off, we’ll get so hot we’ll get a bit grumpy when we’re stuck in a traffic jam and we’ll actually really want that last box of chicken legs because those horse burgers are minging.

It’s only a matter of time before you’ll hear somebody say: “It’s just too hot to sit out in”.

We’ll then get the hosepipe ban, the air conditioning will pack up at work, we’ll all get prickly heat and we’ll be counting the hours until the clocks go back and we can get back to normal.