WILLO TALK: Do you think I’m sexy?

IT never ceases to amaze me the lengths some people go to when they want to show their devotion and dedication to a particular icon.

Every time there’s a Royal wedding or a new baby at Buckingham Palace, there will always be someobody who gets dragged up to show off their huge collection of memorabilia, with plates emblazoned with the Queen’s head all over the walls and an airing cupboard full of red, white and blue tea towels.

Wearing a football strip is not enough for some fans to show who their favourite team is.

Some people change their name by deed poll to include the 11 names of their club’s cup winning team, or have a tattoo of the star striker inked all over their back.

Last week, I managed to get my hands on a couple of review tickets to see Rod Stewart at Newcastle Arena and even though I’m not really a fan, there was nowt on the telly so I had a look up.

I knew wrinkly rocker Rod was a popular bloke and had been a hit with the ladies over the years, but as I walked through the main entrance into the Arena nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to witness.

Basically it was a sea of leopardskin, mixed in with a smattering of Celtic football shirts, tartan scarves - and thousands of blond spiky haircuts.

If there was a Rod Stewart lookalike competition held during the show, then Rod Stewart probably wouldn’t have made it into the top three.

It was unbelievable. When he took to the stage with his trademark swagger, there were a load of women - in leopardskin and tartan scarves with blond spiky hair - who pushed down to the front to throw bunches of flowers at him.

These fans weren’t the teeny boppers you see chucking their phone numbers at the latest boyband, they were women pushing 60, probably with grandkids, and they didn’t care who got in the way.

Burly security staff were pushed to one side so these women could get closer to the stage, hoping to catch Rod’s eye in the desperate hope he might ask them if they fancied a Babycham down the quayside after he’d finished.

Anyway, Rod kept us all entertained and everyone left happy at the end of the night.

Despite my reservations beforehand, I’ll admit I thought he was quite good.

If he was on again, I’d definitely go and see him.

But where on earth can I buy leopardskin trousers?