WILLO TALK: Strike? I’m too busy working

WE’VE had a couple of stories in the Mail over the last week or so about threats of industrial action and they have got me thinking.

The first story which caught my eye was the fire brigade union threatening to walk out, with plans in place to train Joe Public on how to put blazes out should the professionals take to the picket lines.

That’s hardly an ideal situation, particularly in an area like ours where we have all the chemical plants on our doorstep and it doesn’t bear thinking about what could go wrong there so I hope they can come to an agreement.

The other sector which I have less sympathy over talk of taking strike action with is the teachers.

I don’t have anything against teachers, at least not since I left school.

Back then, there were one or two of them who if I’d seen in the street in desperate need of medical help I’d have written for an ambulance for them.

But I found it a bit galling to hear the teachers moaning about their working conditions, especially as it was only two days after they had come back from their six weeks off.

I understand their urgency though. After all, it’s only six weeks until they break up for half term and once they’re back they’ll soon be off for a fortnight at Christmas.

They get more holidays than Judith Chalmers and they think nothing about chucking in the odd training day to leave parents scratching around for babysitting cover to allow them to go to work and not lose a day’s pay.

How come these training days, or PD days as they seem to be called now, are never on a Saturday by the way? Just a thought.

I wouldn’t dream of moaning about my working conditions when I’m stuck at my desk for the thick end of 12 hours a day and I’m grateful that I get plenty of time to get my phone charged up for when I start taking calls from reporters late into the night when I get home.

I sympathise with workers in any sector who are aggrieved about their pay, pensions, working conditions or whatever.

While millions sponge off the system, at least these people are getting off their backsides and going to work.

But I can’t help thinking that some of these teachers – and notice I said the word “some” there before you start emailing me – don’t know how good they’ve got it.

As for the chances of me going on strike, I’m that busy in here I don’t have the time.