You don’t have to keep fit – just be active

Getting Active: Staff and patients of Paul Gough Physio Rooms find inspiration on the River Tees
Getting Active: Staff and patients of Paul Gough Physio Rooms find inspiration on the River Tees

One of the problems that you might be facing if your trying to keep fit, is as the name implies, you’ve got to keep at it.

For some people, that’s a big enough obstacle to even starting in the first place. Because they know they’re unlikely to be able sustain it, so what’s the point?

So forget about keeping fit. It’s not the only game in town. Instead, focus on being active.

The health benefits you need and want are often just the same, only being active can be easier to sustain and often much more fun.

The real villain in a person’s attempt to keep fit is often failing to understand how the way that you feel before you do your thing, can negatively affect you.

So many people are waiting until that moment when they “feel a bit more like it” to actually do something.

Truth is, you can only change the way you feel about being active, once you are actually doing it.

Have you ever gone for that walk or run and wished you hadn’t? It’s unlikely. But how many times have you sat on your couch and wished you had?

If you are having problems getting active, then consider inspiring yourself by looking for inspiring places to do it.

In Hartlepool and around the North-East we’ve got loads of places you can do it.

On Sunday I took my physio team and patients canoeing six miles along the River Tees, travelling from Yarm to Stockton’s Tees Barrage, admiring some stunning sights and sounds as we paddled.

The health benefits of me having a healthy workforce are endless, and what a few hours doing an outdoor activity like rowing or canoeing can do for you might just surprise you.

Here’s how you would benefit:

lEase tension in your arms and shoulders. They might ache for a few days after you first do it, but these are the muscles you need to activate if you’re spending a lot of time sitting at a desk or in a car. Rowing stretches and strengthens all of the muscles that can be injured through poor sitting posture.

lReduce back pain by strengthening your core muscles – the ones which protect your spine. You need these muscles if your spending a lot of time sitting, have back pain or you just love to run or ride. Get them working properly and you’ll reduce injury risk hugely.

lYou’ll burn hundreds of calories. My Fuel Band clocked over 700 calories burned from the six miles I rowed.

lLoads of endorphins released. These are the chemicals that get released during and after exercise.

It’s probably the reason that most people love being active and reason that it feels so good after you’ve done your work out.

There’s a whole summer in front of you to get outdoors and endless opportunities to be active in our region with your children or even work colleagues.

You can organise this type of rowing day through a North-East-based company called and similar activities are available regularly, particularly in the summer months, at Hartlepool Marina.