Zero-hour contracts should be scrapped by the Government, say Mail readers

Majority of Mail readers say zero-hour contracts should be scrapped as families are unable to support themselves.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th November 2019, 9:51 am
Majority of Mail readers think the Government should scrap zero-hour contracts. Picture: Pixabay.

What is a zero-hours contract?

A zero-hours contract is a type of contract between an employer and employee, where the employer is not obliged to provide any minimum working hours and the employee is not obliged to accept any work offered.

We asked in our recent online poll: “Do you think zero-hours contracts should be scrapped by employers?”

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More than 500 Mail readers responded and 89% said yes, zero-hours contracts should be scrapped while 11% said no.

Paul Steadman said: “They're an absolute disgrace. Forcing hard working people to live on and below the breadline.

“Something I never expected to witness in my lifetime.”

Lorraine Wood said: “They should definitely be scrapped.

“How on earth can anyone be expected to live if they don't get any hours for three weeks but to be available if any come up?”

Colin Bartholomew said: “I have no problem if they are done on a voluntary basis.

“Being forced to be self-employed should also be looked at.”

Sue Anderson said: “No stability for workers is a disgrace.”

Steven Robinson said: “Absolutely scandalous how they were even able to implement such rubbish.”

Geoff Hare said: “It's a job end of story.”

Louise Fenwick said: “When someone on zero hours buys a weeks bus pass for £25 then gets no hours that week there’s something wrong.”