Our fallen – the 130 civilians and soldiers killed in the Bombardment

FIRST FATALITY: Private Theopholus Jones
FIRST FATALITY: Private Theopholus Jones

Those killed during the Bombardment of Hartlepool:

Annie ALLEN Aged 25

Robert Alfred ALLEN Aged 10

Robert Lumley AMBROSE Aged 33

Hannah ARNOLD Aged 33

Edwin ASHCROFT Aged 29

William ASQUITH Aged 51

Beart Beaumont AUSTRIN Aged 33

William Gordon AVERY Aged 49

Cuthbert John BACKHAM Aged 42

Henry Stephen BELL Aged 11

Samuel BINNS Aged 68

Margaret BRENNAN Aged 52

Charles Abraham BROOKBANKS Aged 35

Robert BURGON Aged 38

James BUNTER Aged 32

Nicholas CAPELING Aged 25

Dorothy CAWS Aged 25

William CHAPPEL Aged 15

William Hubert CHURCHER Aged 26

John James CLARK Aged 54

Charles Stephen CLARKE Aged 25 Lance Corporal, 18th Durham Light Infantry

Alfred Camille Benard CLAUDE Aged 12

Charles CORNFORTH Aged 63

Polly CORNFORTH Aged 23

Jane Ann CORNFORTH Aged 17

Thomas Garbutt COX Aged 26

Annie CORNER Aged 37

Harold COOK Aged 10

James COOK Aged 37

Robert Wilfred COOK Aged 8

Edward COOPER Aged 16

Bridget CORNER Aged 39

John William CRAKE Aged 15

Harold CREDLAND Aged 37 Able Seaman, HMS Doon

Albert Edwin CRESSEY Aged 29

Ernest Charles CUMMINGS Aged 20 Able Seaman, HMS Patrol

George Edward DIXON Aged 14

Margaret Ellen DIXON Aged 8

Albert DIXON Aged 7

George DRING Aged 47

John EVANS Aged 32

Catherine FRANKLAND Aged 4

James FRASER Aged 23 Stoker 1st Class, HMS Doon

William GRAY Aged 23

Ethel Mary GEIPEL Aged 36

Jessie HAMILTON Aged 21

Elizabeth Agnes HARPER Aged 49

Etta HARRIS Aged 30

Mary Ann HARRISON Aged 60

John HEALEY Aged 63

Joseph HENDERSON Aged 47

Margaret HENIGHAN Aged 8

Selina HERBERT Aged 3

Thomas HESLOP Aged 7

Thomas HIGHAM Aged 11

John HODGSON Aged 62

Sarah HODGSON Aged 56

William HODGSON Aged 43

Ralph Weston HOOK Aged 28 Leading Seaman, HMS Doon

Hilda HORSLEY Aged 17

William Stephen HOUSTON Aged 22 Gunner, Durham Royal Garrison Artillery

Charles William HUDSON Aged 21

Margaret Ann HUNTER Aged 47

Samuel Hall HUNTER Aged 16

Edith JACKSON Aged 39

Joseph JACOBS Aged 13

Thomas JEFFERY Age 48

Sarah JOBLING Aged 6

Hannah JOBLING Aged 4

Theophilius JONES Aged 29 Private, 18th Durham Light Infantry

Annie Mabel KAY Aged 34

Florence Josephine KAY Aged 32

Clementina LEE Aged 25

James Shepherd LEIGHTON Aged 56

Alix Oliffe LIDDLE Aged 25 Corporal, 18th Durham Light Infantry

Samuel LITTLE Aged 20 Sapper, Royal Engineers

Benjamin LOFTHOUSE Aged 7 mths

James LYNETT Aged 42

George Charles MARTIN-FLYNN Aged 31 Armourer, HMS Patrol

Catherine MARSHALL Aged 86

Frederick George MAY Aged 24 Stoker 1st Class, HMS Doon

John McGUIRE Aged 15

Christopher MEASOR Aged 10

Thomas MINKS Aged 25 Private, 18th Durham Light Infantry

Julia MOON Aged 68

Thomas MOSSOM Aged 55

Eleanor NECY Aged 6 mths

Joseph OLIVER Aged 44

Rose OWEN Aged 43

Mary Ellen OWEN Aged 17

James William PEARSON Aged 25

William PEART Aged 5

Charles PEART Aged 2

Thomas PHILLIPS Aged 16

Charles Leonard Clayton RAMSEY Aged 37

Margaret Ann REDSHAW Aged 47

Hannah REYBOULD Aged 36

Walter ROGERS Aged 25 Private, 18th Durham Light Infantry

William SARGINSON Aged 22

Thomasina SCARR Aged 44

Margaret Ann SHARP Aged 18

Patrick Joseph SHERIDAN Aged 40 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class, HMS Patrol

Stanley SIMMONS Aged 5

Matthew SKELTON Aged 54

Robert SPENCE Aged 22 Gunner, Durham Royal Garrison Artillery

John STAUNCH Aged 41

Stanley STEWART Aged 6

Ethel STRINGER Aged 12

Jane STOKER Aged 41

Matthew H. SWALES Aged 36

Daniel SULLIVAN Aged 47

Richard THEAKER Aged 23

Leslie Dobson TURNER Aged 23 Private, 18th Durham Light Infantry

Frank UNTHANK Aged 14

Mary Elizabeth WATSON Aged 40

Freda WAINWRIGHT Aged 19

Albert WALKER Aged 9

Stanley WALKER Aged 6

Amy WATT Aged 22

Bewick WHEELWRIGHT Aged 15


John Matthew WHITECROSS Aged 6

Laura Annie Harrison WILKINSON Aged 12

Ivy WILLIAMS Aged 31

Stanley Walter WITTY Aged 10

Josiah WOODS Aged 36

Martha Jane WOODS Aged 6

Samuel Norman WOODS Aged 19

William WRIGHT Aged 51

Bertie YOUNG Aged 14