Our Prince goes the extra mile

Anthony Day
Anthony Day

A CHARITY champion was honoured to meet Prince William – and even tried to persuade the future King to take part in next year’s Miles for Men!

Broadcast journalist Anthony Day, from Hartlepool, was sent an invitation by Kensington Palace to meet Prince William in recognition of his work in setting up town cancer charity Miles for Men.

Anthony Day talking to Prince William

Anthony Day talking to Prince William

The 24-year-old travelled to Haven Point Leisure Centre, in South Shields, where he was expecting nothing more than a formal handshake with the Prince.

But lucky Anthony got to speak to William for about four or five minutes and the pair even shared a bit of light-hearted banter and a joke.

Anthony asked William if he would like to come to Hartlepool to take part in the Miles For Men charity race next year, to which Wills laughed and replied: “I’ll have to get Kate to buy me some running shoes first!”

Anthony said the Prince’s arrival at the centre around 2.20pm, came minutes after his security team checked the building.

He said: “We were told we couldn’t ask him anything, but I did end up asking him if he wanted to take part in the Miles For Men race next year. He found it really funny and said he’d have to ask Kate to buy him some trainers.

“I got to speak to him about the charity and why we set it up and everything, and must have been speaking to him for about four or five minutes before he had to move on.”

He added: “He was absolutely down to earth, really nice and really informal and as soon as he came in everyone kind of calmed down because we were all really nervous beforehand. He was really chatty and was cracking jokes with everybody, he wasn’t how you would expect the future King to act really.

“I think that’s one of the reasons why young people really connect with him.

“Everyone had a wonderful day and for him to take his time to come and visit us and talk to us about our projects was just a tremendous honour, and something that I’ll remember for a very long time.

“It all happened so quickly and now I feel like I can’t believe it’s happened. It’s all quite surreal.

“Even though there was only one of us from Miles for Men at the event, there were seven others back in Hartlepool who are all really proud as well.”

Anthony, who lives in Alfred Street, on the Headland, has also worked on anti-bullying schemes, for which he received a Princess Diana Award in 2007 for his work on making Hartlepool a Fairtrade town.

Then he went on to work with the Princess Diana Award team to help them promote anti-bullying initiatives and set up a young people’s website.

Following that, the Leeds University graduate who now works for the BBC, helped set up Miles for Men with his uncle, Michael Day, following the death of his granddad Michael Day Snr, of throat cancer at the age of 67, in 2007.