Out of touch

After seven years in preparation, the Chilcot release has let down the many families who have waited for a telling result.

Friday, 15th July 2016, 8:06 am
Updated Friday, 15th July 2016, 9:09 am

All we have is a polite form of words that lets off the main protagonists who, as far as I am concerned, had a blatant disregard for the lives of our service personnel.

We can see that much of what was said and given as fact was false and the intelligence flawed, allowing Blair and Bush to press for regime change in spite of the consequences.

As Blair responds to press questions, he is still hell-bent on denial and continues in spreading the war-mongering rhetoric of old.

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He, the leading members of his government and subsequently his successor, who opened up another front in Afghanistan, are guilty of mismanagement and total disregard for the safety of our troops and country in their desire to commit to war our forces with dwindling resources.

We might feel that this is a one-off event.

However, as we look at the Clinton emails, we see that French and British carve up was agreed prior to the Libyan intervention with the US.

Blair is unrepentant and typical of our political elite who continue to be out of touch.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,