Over the moon with donation

CHILDREN’S charity Barnardo’s North East is helping out with football in Hartlepool by sponsoring new strips.

Greatham FC Under 12s and Catcote School team, were chosen from dozens of applicants to get new strips sponsored by the charity.

Jeff Woodward, the manager of Greatham FC Under 12s, said: “I have been on the lookout for a sponsor for a strip for the last year. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to keep playing in the same strip as the children grow.

“I love turning up week in, week out, for these kids as they are a fantastic bunch.”

The Hartlepool teams are also mixed teams with both girls and boys playing for them.

Faith Malone, from Barnardo’s North East Fostering and Adoption Service, which is sponsoring the strips, said: “The charity is looking to eventually organise a football tournament with half-a-dozen young teams next year, all wearing new strips with Barnardo’s Fostering and Adoption logo.

“Two of our teams come from Hartlepool, three from Teesside and one from Darlington.

“The aim is to raise awareness of fostering and adoption in those areas where the charity would like to recruit more potential foster carers and adopters, as well as help out young teams in need of football strips.

“Hartlepool is a town where we are very keen to hear from anyone who is interesting in learning more about giving a child a new life. And we are also delighted to be helping out young football teams in need.”