Owners reveal their worries after number of dog attacks in Hartlepool

Keith Gorse with dog Max, who was attacked while walking near his home.
Keith Gorse with dog Max, who was attacked while walking near his home.

Dog owners in Hartlepool have joined calls for more to be done to stop attacks on their pets in the town.

It comes after three-year-old whippet Max lost half of his tail when he was mauled by a dog near his home in Browning Avenue on July 15.

It’s getting worse – I am scared when I take my puppy out

Faye Atkinson

Max’s owner, Keith Gorse, said he believes Hartlepool is not a safe place for dogs after witnessing the attack.

It came just days after Hartlepool couple John Cuthbert and Lorraine Meakin were left devastated when their Pomeranian Shih Tzu cross Flossie was attacked and killed by a pack of dogs at Blue Lagoon.

Dog owners commenting on the Mail’s Facebook page agreed with Mr Gorse that Hartlepool was becoming an ever-more dangerous place for dogs.

Faye Atkinson wrote: “It’s getting worse – I am scared when I take my puppy out.

“He was attacked at Seaton front by a springer, and the owner was all apologetic and said they would pay the vet bills.

“We’re still waiting for money and the police won’t do anything. It’s a joke.”

Karren Carter posted: “I always keep my dogs on a lead – but rarely take them to public places now as I was always sick of other dogs running up with no owner in sight!

“Always worried how I would protect my dogs and children if a dog did attack.

“Now seeing these instances on the rise I worry even more.”

Janice Barker added: “I believe dogs need a run off the lead, but I’d happily muzzle my timid, submissive little dog if it became law for all dogs to wear one.”

Michelle Roug’e said: “It boils my blood. Anyone who has witnessed a dog attack knows how horrific it is.

“Our pets are like family and we want something done!!!”

Gillian Minton wrote: “I like to take my shih tzu to areas where dogs are allowed to run off the lead.

“In certain areas, like beaches, he loves to run free.

“But lately in these areas people let dangerous dogs off who run after him.

“I believe these dogs should be muzzled – safer for children and other dogs.”

Catherine Howlett posted: “People should be fined for not having dogs on leads in parks etc, especially when there are signs saying dogs must be on leads.”

Ashleigh Charlton added: “This is why I walk my dog out of town.”

Wendy Liddle Forster said: “I hate taking my dog out but he loves his walks.

“This is getting worse and something needs doing about it.”