Panel to look at mayor’s allowance

Hartlepool Borough Council has confirmed that an indepenent panel will meet to look at Mayor Stuart Drummond’s allowances following his appointment as chairman of Cleveland Police Authorioty.

As reported in the Mail on Thursday, Councillor Ray Wells hit out at the mayor’s new role and questioned whether it was possible for Mr Drummond to carry out two roles at the same time.

Coun Wells also expressed concern over the financial aspects of Mayor Drummond’s new position, which sees him pick up £19,940 for his chairman’s commitments along with the £8,375 that all CPA members receive on a yearly basis.

The mayor collects a special responsibility allowance of £58,135 for his role as town leader, as well as a basic allowance which all councillors receive of £5,767

The Conservative group leader, who represents the Park ward, lodged a request with the Independent Remuneration Panel and that will now consider the allowances at a meeting in the new year.

A council spokesman said: “We can confirm that we have received a request from Councillor Wells for the Independent Remuneration Panel to review the mayor’s allowance.

“It is likely that the panel will meet in the new year and this request will be put forward for the panel to consider.”