Parents’ pride as brave cancer battler Bradley starts school

NOW AND THEN: Bradley in his uniform and, below, in hospital being treated for Neuroblastoma
NOW AND THEN: Bradley in his uniform and, below, in hospital being treated for Neuroblastoma

A BATTLING youngster’s parents have enjoyed the day they feared they may never see as their son started school.

When little Bradley Lowery walked through the gates for lesson time at Blackhall Colliery Primary School this week, mum and dad Gemma and Carl Lowery were left to reflect on a moment they feared would never come.

Three-year-old Bradley’s journey to the classroom has proved tougher than most - after a fight against a rare cancer. Bradley was diagnosed with 4 high risk Neuroblastoma in January 2013.

The tumour started in his adrenal gland above his left kidney, with the cancer spreading to his chest, lungs, lymph nodes, bone and bone marrow.

Bradley is making a remarkable recovery and is now cancer free, but still requires weekly hospital visits to Newcastle’s RVI and will undergo a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow.

But he is now finally well enough to start nursery - some eight months after his initial May start date.

And he is already making up for lost time. Mum Gemma, 32, from Blackhall, said: “It was brilliant to see him in his uniform and so happy to have his first day at nursery.

“It is a definitely a milestone after everything he has been through.

“It is great for him to have some normality in his life.

“It was lovely to take him to school rather than to a hospital appointment.

“He loves his teacher and all the other children and staff have been brilliant.

“They have made him very welcome.”

Gemma admits she feared one of the pleasures parents take for granted - kissing their child goodbye on the school gates of their first day at class - was never to arrive.

She added: “There were times when I did think we wouldn’t get to see him starting at nursery.

“He was so excited to start, everyone knows him in the area. He still has to go for regular appointments at the hospital, but it is great for him to be able to have fun at nursery with his friends like any other child.

A huge fundraising drive was set up to raise £500,000 to pay for treatment overseas, should the youngster suffer a relapse.

So far, the incredible work by the members of the Bradley Lowery Neuroblastoma Fight Group has raised over £236,000.