Parents warned over danger dummies

Dan Briggs of Hartlepool Trading Standards Department pictured with one of the dangerous dummies.
Dan Briggs of Hartlepool Trading Standards Department pictured with one of the dangerous dummies.

TRADING Standards officials have warned parents to be aware of a batch of faulty baby’s dummies after tests on a brand of soother which fell apart in a youngster’s mouth.

The dummy was bought in Hartlepool, and the parents of seven-month old Dylan Taylor immediately told council watchdogs about the incident.

A DUMMY which nearly caused a child to choke has failed a safety standard test.

Parents are now being warned to be on their guard against the Pretty Cherub Orthodontic Baby Soother, which trading standards officers say could pose a “serious risk” to youngsters.

As reported in the yesterday’s Mail, seven-month old Dylan Taylor had a lucky escape after the teat of the dummy broke off in his mouth.

Luckily his parents, Terry Taylor, 38, and Natalie Marriott, 21, were close by.

The disgusted couple said their son could have been killed if they hadn’t noticed that the dummy had broke into two while he was sucking on it.

Hartlepool Borough Council trading standards officers reacted immediately and rushed to D&M Allen Bakery, in the town’s Davison Drive, where the couple had bought the dummy.

Staff there had already taken the dummies off the shelves after becoming aware of the incident.

Three of the dummies were then sent to the Trading Standards laboratory, in Middlesbrough, where they all failed the relevant British Safety Standard.

The dummies, which were distributed by Quest Personal Care, a company based in Bury, Lancashire, are a budget range that come in a zip closure plastic bag.

They are designed in three colour combinations, pink and yellow, blue and yellow and yellow and blue.

Daniel Briggs, a senior trading standards officer at Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “It would appear that the dummy has come apart in the child’s mouth but, thankfully, on this occasion the vigilance of the parent prevented a near tragedy.

“We are in the early stages of our investigation but our primary concern is to alert all parents of the possible safety hazard associated with these dummies.

“We are also in the process of making sure the wholesaler and importer can identify all retailers who have this stock in their possession and have them recalled.

“A suspension notice is being issued on the importer preventing them from supplying any more dummies until the issues are resolved.

“Whilst further dummies have been sent for formal testing, all of the indications so far are that these dummies could pose a serious risk and as such our advice would be for parents to take them off children immediately.”

Dylan’s dad, Terry Taylor, a poultry farm manager who lives in Bulmer Place, Hartlepool, said: “It’s disgusting that the dummies have failed the test but it’s a relief to know that parents are now aware of the situation and can keep a close eye.

“The Trading Standards and the shop did a fantastic job by reacting so quickly.

“Hopefully this means I won’t wake up one morning and see on television that a child has been killed by one of these things.”

Anyone with concerns about the dummies can contact the council’s Trading Standards officers on (01429) 523362.