Park-death man killed himself

A MAN was found hanged in a town park just hours after he was treated in hospital for an overdose, an inquest heard.

Out-of-work postman Stephen Thomas Freeman was found hanged in Hartlepool's Burn Valley Gardens.

As reported in the Mail, a female nurse found Mr Freeman hanging from atree at around 7.30am last Friday.

She tried to give him first aid after she alerted two park workers who tried to cut him free from the rope, but Mr Freeman, 37, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Now an inquest has heard Mr Freeman was at the University Hospital of Hartlepool hours before the Burn Valley incident.

He had taken an overdose but had discharged himself against doctors' advice, Hartlepool Coroner Malcolm Donnelly said.

Mr Donnelly added: "The report I have got here says he had actually taken an overdose and that he was being treated for that.

"He suffered from depression for quite a while.

"Against medical advice, he discharged himself at 2am on November 4.

"Doctors disagreed with him doing that but it was his right to do so and he couldn't be detained against his will."

Mr Donnelly added: "The sadness is there is nothing anyone could do to stop him taking the action he did."

Cleveland Police had no reason to believe there were any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, said coroner's officer Stephen Taylor.

A post-mortem examination by Dr Jose Shrimankar, of the University Hospital of Hartlepool, established that Mr Freeman died of asphyxia (a lack of oxygen to the body) as a result of hanging.

Mr Donnelly recorded a verdict that Mr Freeman, of Westbourne Road, in the Stockton Road area of town, killed himself.