Park’s £10k war tribute

Graeme Measor at the gate into Seaton Park
Graeme Measor at the gate into Seaton Park

A PARK has been awarded £10,000 of lottery money to create a lasting memorial to the role the town played in the First World War.

The tribute will be created at the entrance to Seaton Park after a successful funding bid by volunteers from the park’s friends group.

The park’s existing pillars will be replaced with new ones and a plaque detailing a Zeppelin attack during the First World War will be added.

Graeme Measor, secretary of the Friends of Seaton Park, said: “We are delighted to have got the funding. We are going to replace the two pillars with more decorative sandstone blocks with a sphere on top.

“And on the front we are going to put a plaque, in bronze or stone, detailing the history of the war efforts that went on in Seaton Carew and the broader Hartlepool area.

“There was a Zeppelin attack which is quite a little known story we hope to include.

“The memorial will be designed to last over 100 years and is a good way of connecting the people of today with history.”

The bodies of two Zeppelin crew that were washed ashore after crashing into the sea were buried at Seaton Carew in January 1917.

There had been a number of raids by the gas-filled airships over Hartlepool during the Great War.

On November 27, a Zeppelin dropped bombs all over Hartlepool before it was attacked by an aircraft from Seaton Carew aerodrome.

The enemy ship was chased out to sea engulfed in flames where it sank.

The park group also plan to work with primary school children in Seaton Carew to create war-themed tiles that will be added to a wall inside the park on Station Lane.

Graeme added: “It is a really exciting project and through the group we are making subtle but important changes.”