Parking permit scheme u-turn

PLANS to introduce a residents-only parking scheme have been scrapped after homeowners changed their minds.

Hartlepool Borough Council had started a legal process for the permit scheme in the town’s Stanhope Avenue.

The idea was approved and advertised by the council after a consultation showed residents narrowly favoured the move.

But more residents have since come forward opposing the idea with concerns over the need for it, provision for visitors and cost.

Out of 29 residents who would be affected by the scheme, 22 were against it with only seven in favour.

A petition signed by 23 residents against the plans was also sent to the council.

Mayor Stuart Drummond agreed not to introduce the scheme at a regeneration and neighbourhoods portfolio meeting following the recent objections.

He said: “I think on the basis that there’s a precedent set that we go with the majority view.”

“There is a very clear majority this time that there hasn’t been in the past, we go with the majority.”

In previous consultation exercises carried out in 2008 and 2010 the result was close but most residents preferred not to be included in a permit controlled zone.