Parking plan to protect village pupils wins council support

Road safety is set to be improved after councillors supported double yellow lines outside a village primary school.

Wednesday, 18th October 2017, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 6:29 am
The entrance to Hart Primary School in Magdalene Drive

Vehicles will be banned from parking on the same side of the road as Hart Primary School in Magdalene Drive.

The move was not popular with some residents but councillors and officers said the safety of the children was paramount.

Jo Heaton

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It is intended to address the risks associated with vehicles using the cul-de-sac to drop off and pick up children from school.

Hart Primary School headteacher Jo Heaton supported the measures when it was debated by Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee.

Ms Heaton said: “We have seen so many near misses of our children that ultimately everybody’s aim is to make sure those children are safe.”

She said over 1,000 children are injured or killed outside schools every month.
“Do we really want that to happen to us?” asked Ms Heaton.

Jo Heaton

“The issue is so great that the need for the double yellow lines makes it enforceable and makes the 20mph speed limit much more of an impact.

“Research will tell you that if you have a 20mph if you add another traffic calming measure will give you much greater impact.

“It really is something that just has to be finally addressed and done.”

In January, the committee approved the double yellow lines on the school side but four objections were made when it was advertised.

Objectors felt the lines would not make a difference saying as people don’t tend to park on the north side.

Councillor Stephen Akers-Belcher said: “I can see the dilemma, but think safety is paramount.”

The committee agreed to limit the enforcement of the yellow lines to around school times for between 7am-10am and 2.30pm-5.30pm.

The lines will also cover the corners of Butts Lane.