Parking row on village green

John Proudlock with his mum Thelma Peppert outside of Rose Cottage, Dalton Piercy
John Proudlock with his mum Thelma Peppert outside of Rose Cottage, Dalton Piercy

DOZENS of residents have signed a petition in a bid to stop people parking on part of the village green directly outside a cottage.

Forty-seven residents in Dalton Piercy have signed the petition and campaigners are hoping to drum up support ahead of a parish council meeting next week.

John Proudlock, 55, who lives in the village with his mum Thelma Peppert, 86, says their lives are being made a misery due to vehicles parking on a grass track, which is classed as part of the village green, just yards away from their cottage.

The parish council owns an allotment patch opposite the cottage and John, who is currently unemployed, says vehicles can park adjacent to the entrance of the allotment just yards away without causing any problems for either party.

Instead, he says vehicles are left for up to two hours just yards from his mother’s cottage causing a “nuisance”.

Thelma, a retired secretary who has lived in the cottage for more than 40 years, took legal advice over the ownership of the patch of the green but lost her case in court.

She is now continuing her campaign in a bid to prevent cars parking outside her home.

She said: “Why should I, at 86, be forced to pay thousands of pounds in legal costs to stop people parking outside my house?” said Thelma, whose husband, John, died in 2009.

“I have been on medication due to the stress this has caused, and I have high blood pressure.”

Her son, John, added: “All we are asking for is vehicles to be parked considerately.

“Legally, vehicles shouldn’t park on the village green and this track way is part of the village green.

“We have the support of 47 residents, which is a lot in a village the size of Dalton Piercy.”

The next Dalton Piercy Parish Council meeting will take place in the Village Hall next Thursday, October 13, at 7.30pm.