Pauline set for Jubilee cheer

Pauline Goodin.
Pauline Goodin.

KEEN royalist Pauline Goodin is counting down the days until the Diamond Jubilee – 59 years after she celebrated Her Magesty’s Coronation as a queen herself in a street party.

Pauline was just two-years-old when she was crowned Coronation Queen of Conyers Street, in Hartlepool, as the nation celebrated Queen Elizabeth II coming to the throne.

It was June 2, 1953, when Pauline celebrated the fantastic occasion with her neighbours, just 19 days before her third birthday.

Although she does not remember the Coronation, the occasion kickstarted a love affair with the Royal Family which has lasted ever since.

Pauline, 61, who now owns Marina News, at Hartlepool Marina, with her husband, Phil, also 61, said she will be working throughout Diamond Jubilee weekend next month.

But she still plans to raise a glass to mark the momentous occasion.

“I’ve always followed the Royals,” said Pauline who lives at Hartlepool Marina.

“I remember the Silver Jubilee like it was yesterday, we went out and had a drink to celebrate that.

“Obviously I don’t remember being the Coronation Queen, but I have always kept the photograph.

“My family told me about it, everyone was in the street celebrating, I was the youngest child living in the street at the time.”

Pauline, a mum of Julie Lewis, 43, Jason Kearns, 40 and Joe Kearns, 35, who also has 10 grandchildren, looked back on the major events involving the Royal family over the years.

She said she was devastated by the sudden death of Princess Diana in 1997, but joyfully watched the wedding of Prince William and the Dutchess of Cambridge last year.

“It was awful when Princess Diana died, I will never, ever forget that,” she said.

“But I obviously watched the Royal wedding last year and I have followed them since.

“I would say I am quite a passionate royalist.”

As reported earlier this week in the Mail, Hartlepool Borough Council has been inundated with bids for grants to go towards parties to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

Street parties, tea dances and garden parties will all be held around the town.

Pauline added: “I won’t be able to get off work for the Diamond Jubilee but I will definitely be having a drink to celebrate.

“It will be brilliant to see people around Hartlepool celebrating and all of the street parties.

“It will be fantastic.”

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