Pensioner ‘attacked in own home’

A PENSIONER told a court a man pinned him down, slashed his hand with a blade and threatened to kill him.

The 76-year-old claims an intruder forced his way into his home late at night after knocking on his door and trying to sell him a car radio.

Teesside Crown Court heard that when the pensioner asked him to leave, he says the man pushed him on to his sofa, jumped on him and cut his hand.

He claimed the attacker held him by the throat and said “I’m going to kill you” and “I want your money,” before fleeing.

The court heard claims the intruder stole two coats and road off on a bike.

Hartlepool man John Robinson, 24, is accused of being the attacker after his fingerprint was found on a black bin bag containing a car radio allegedly left behind by the robber.

Giving evidence, the pensioner said: “He pushed me and I went down in between the couch on my back.

“He jumped on me with something sharp in his hand. I think it was a kitchen knife.

“He was poking it into my hand then he had hold of my neck and threatened to put the knife into my face.

“He said ‘I’m going to kill you. I want your money’.

“He shouted ‘stay down’, then made a run for it.”

The alleged victim, who lives in the centre of Hartlepool, said he was home alone when the man, who he did not know, knocked on his door on November 7 last year.

After offering him the car radio, the man allegedly asked about the pensioner’s camper van parked outside which was for sale.

The pensioner said the man followed him inside his house and asked for a drink of water.

He claims he was attacked when he asked the man to leave so he could go to bed.

Robinson, of Windermere Road, Hartlepool, denies assault with intent to rob and theft.

The trial continues.