Pensioner hopes book will help charities

Joe Ludgate
Joe Ludgate

A PENSIONER who recorded his life story in a book is selling 300 copies of it at half price to raise money for three charities which are close to his heart.

Dad and granddad Joe Ludgate decided to write a book of memoirs – called An Ordinary Life – seven years ago, on his 80th birthday.

Now though, the 87-year-old has bought back 300 of the books from the publishers and is selling them half price, at a cost of £3.50, to raise money for three charities.

Whatever funds he manages to rake in, will be split between Cancer Research UK, because his son Tony, 67, is suffering with the disease, the Alzheimer’s Society, because his wife Frances, 86, has the condition, and the British Heart Foundation, because Joe himself suffers with heart disease.

Joe, who has six children, 11 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, said: “I got this book published seven years ago on my 80th birthday and there was a lot of books not sold.

“I got to know about them and I have bought them off the publisher.

“I’m selling them at half price and any profit I get, which will be £2.50 per book, will go to the three charities.

“I just thought I would try and shift these books and make some money for charity.”

Joe, who previously worked as a driver for Cameron’s Brewery and a crane driver for the Steelworks before he retired, said it took him about five or six months to compile with the help of a ghost writer.

He said: “I was brought up on Middleton, in Hartlepool, and not many people know about Middleton.

“I thought I’d write my life story about what went on there.

“I hope people will be interested enough to spend a few pounds on it and raise some money for some good causes.”

Anyone who would like to buy a copy of the book is asked to contact Joe on (01429) 280949.