Pensioner relives horror of being kicked off his bike by drunken yobs

Brian Tumilty.
Brian Tumilty.

A BRAVE pensioner is adamant he won’t be forced to become a prisoner in his own home - four months after he was viciously attacked as he went to pick up the morning papers.

Brian Tumilty, 73, was kicked off his bike and trapped underneath it as two drunken yobs repeatedly stamped on top of him.

Brian Tumilty.

Brian Tumilty.

Somehow he managed to avoid serious injury and escaped with just cuts and bruising to his legs.

But the two men who subjected him to the frightening attack have still not been caught and Brian admits it’s worrying that they’re still on the streets of Hartlepool.

“I feel like they have won,” said the retired builder who lives in Middleton Road, in the town.

“You never think something like that is going to happen to you but it was frightening, it could have been a lot worse.”

Brian was riding to Morrisons at around 7.45am on the morning of Saturday, December 29 when two men, who Brian believes to be in their 20s, approached him drinking cans of lager.

The thugs aggressively pulled the bike from beneath him and repeatedly kicked him and stamped on the bike, despite Brian’s desperate pleas for them to stop.

“I just kept shouting to them ‘please stop, you’re going to break my legs’ but they just told me to shut up and kept going.

“I just remember being in shock and just hoping they were going to stop, I had no idea what was going to happen.”

The vicious attack stopped before a member of Morrisons staff who was driving past at the time pulled over and came to Brian’s aid. The police were alerted but the two attackers had made off before officers arrived at the scene.

“As they ran off they were just laughing,” said Brian.

“For all they know, anything could have happened to me but they weren’t bothered.”

Brian received a solicitors letter shortly after the attack saying he may be able to receive compensation as a victim of crime but after putting his claim in he received another letter saying he wasn’t liable to receive a penny due to his lack of injuries.

“I still go out on my bike as much as I want to,” said Brian.

“I’m not going to let some idiots put me off.”

Any witnesses or anyone with any information should call the Cleveland Police non-emergency 101 number.