Cat stuck in car engine and pet stranded 25ft high among RSPCA rescues over Christmas

Felix got himself into trouble
Felix got himself into trouble

A cat stuck in a car engine on Christmas Eve, and another stranded 25ft up a tree were among rescue call-outs by the RSPCA in the North East over the festive period.

While many families enjoyed roast dinners, board games and festive films this Christmas and New Year, the charity's officers were out helping animals in need.

The rescue in Shadswoth

The rescue in Shadswoth

The RSPCA, which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, has today released details of its call outs over the holiday season.

Its officers and inspectors responded to 15,723 calls and helped 759 animals between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, putting it 36% up on last year when it had 11,530 in the same period.

Two call outs in the North East featured cats whose curiosity got them into trouble:

Christmas Eve emergency

A purring engine isn’t always a good thing - and it led to an emergency call to the RSPCA on Christmas Eve when a motorist realised his cat, Felix, had crawled inside the car’s engine and got stuck.

RSPCA Inspector Krissy Raine attended the call to Coulby Newham in Middlesbrough to find the black and white puss tangled up in the pipes and rods under the bonnet of the silver Nissan people carrier.

She said: “Cats often crawl under cars or even into the engines during the winter as it can be nice and warm inside the bonnet. While many will crawl out again with ease we do often get called out to help those who get themselves a little stuck.”

On this occasion Inspector Raine needed a hand and called in the fire and rescue service to carefully pull parts of the engine apart in order to free the curious kitty and return her home.

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Sky-high rescue

RSPCA Inspector Krissy Raine has a dramatic Boxing Day rescue - to save a hungry cat stuck 25ft up a tree for three days!

Goji clambered up the tree in Shadforth, County Durham, on 23 December.

A resident spotted the stricken puss but followed advice to leave him to make his own way down which is often much safer than intervening with a rescue mission. However, when the cat was still stuck high and dry on Boxing Day they contacted the animal welfare charity for help.

Inspector Raine said: “Poor Goji the cat spend his Christmas stuck 25ft up in the tree! He even missed his Christmas Dinner!”

She contacted Durham Fire & Rescue Service to help free the frightened puss.

Thankfully, they were able to get him down safely and return him to his family who had been worried about him since he disappeared. “His owner was over-the-moon with our help and to have Goji home safe!” Inspector Raine added.