Hartlepool farmland could be used to build 14 homes

North Farm at Elwick Village, Hartlepool.
North Farm at Elwick Village, Hartlepool.

The owner of a farm in Hartlepool planning to build 14 new homes has sought an extension from planning chiefs.

The green-light has already been given in 2010 to convert existing buildings and create new buildings on the site of North Farm in Elwick.

Car parking and a new vehicle access as well as a village green also formed part of the plans.

Now, the owners are asking for an extension to the original planning application after permission for the work to go ahead expired.

According to the planning application there has been no change to the original plans.

To date, Hartlepool Borough Council have received two objections to plans to build as well as concerns raised by the Parish council.

They include: the impact on highway safety, additional traffic and the distance between the new properties.

However, transport chiefs say they have no objections to the plans.

In a planning application report to be presented to the council on August 5, it said: “The Head of Traffic and Transportation has considered the proposed scheme and has raised no objection to it. He has acknowledged that the sight line associated with the existing access to the farm are hindered by the farm building at the access point, he has commented that the proposed sight lines 4.5 x 70m are an improvement on the existing situation and that the proposed parking provision is acceptable.”

As part of the application a suggestion the proposed footway onto Elwick Road is extended and a pedestrian crossing point is created has been raised by the council.

An extension to the proposed planning application will see a single story property, the conversion and alteration of an agricultural building to create two homes, 11 homes to be new build.

Six garages and 34 parking spaces also form part of the plans.

Two of the properties have been offered as affordable housing.