Hartlepool's HMS Trincomalee celebrates more than two centuries on the water with milestone birthday

One of the only surviving British Royal Navy warships, the HMS Trincomalee, is celebrating its 202nd birthday.

Saturday, 12th October 2019, 1:57 pm
Updated Saturday, 12th October 2019, 4:56 pm
HMS Trincomalee celebrated its 202nd birthday on Saturday, October 12.
HMS Trincomalee celebrated its 202nd birthday on Saturday, October 12.

It was built in India, and officially launched on October 12, 1817. It is one of only two surviving British Royal Navy warships.

Her first journey involved travelling from India to Portsmouth, where she stayed until 1847 to assist North America and the West Indies.

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The HMS Trincomalee has reached a major milestone birthday.

Her second and final commission was with the Pacific Squadron which took her to the west coast of America.

She ended her sailing days as a training ship before being restored and becoming the focal point of the Hartlepool museum, where she is visited by families from across the North East region and beyond.

Guests are now able to board the ship and soak up its history and atmosphere both above and below deck, including where sailors slept and what they ate.

On a visit, people can also step inside the captain’s cabin and inspect the rows of cannons on the gun deck.

The authentic recreation at Hartlepool’s historical quayside allows for a fully-immersive experience as people can meet sailors from the Georgian Navy, and follow in the footsteps of sailors, naval officers and travellers from the past.

Visitors can also meet swordsmiths, chandlers, instrument makers, printers, tailors and more, each of which contributed to sailors’ lives at sea, and also experience the explosive power of guns and cannons with live re-enactments all year round.