'"I am very lucky to be alive': 999 emergency after ex-fireman almost severed artery in angle grinder accident

A man who almost lost his life in a freak accident has thanked the ambulance crew and neighbours who came to his aid.

Monday, 17th June 2019, 2:46 pm
Updated Monday, 24th June 2019, 12:10 pm
Jeffery Dale with paramedic Sandra Robinson
Jeffery Dale with paramedic Sandra Robinson

Jeffery Dale from Hartlepool narrowly avoided severing the main artery in his neck after the garage door he was fixing, fell onto the angle grinder he was using.

A neighbour raised the alarm and emergency services were quickly on scene – including the North East Ambulance Service who gave him lifesaving treatment to survive the trip to hospital.

Thanks to his quick-thinking neighbours and the skill of the ambulance crew, Jeffrey lived to tell the tale – and say thanks

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An ex-fireman, Jeffery knows how it feels to be in an emergency situation.

Jeffery said: “I was a fireman for 30 years with Cleveland Fire & Rescue Service and appreciate the work that staff do and what they go through day to day. I really wanted to say thank you for saving my life.

“I was removing the garage door and using an angle grinder to cut through a bolt, when the whole door fell on me and pushed the angle grinder into my neck.

“I pressed my hand against the wound and ran to my neighbour's house for help. She rang for an ambulance straight away. Other neighbours saw what was happening and also ran over to help.

“One of them grabbed some pillow cases to press against the wound.”

He added: “The NEAS and its’ staff are tremendous and without them and the help of my neighbours, I would not be alive.

“We look out for each other where I live. I am very lucky to be alive.”

Paramedic Sandra Robinson, who has worked in the NHS for 16 years, treated Jeffery.

Sandra said, “The injury was clearly life threatening and just missed his carotid artery which avoided him bleeding out further.

“It was great to hear that Jeffery survived and to see him again in much better condition than when I last saw him. It’s great to see he has made good progress in his recovery.

“We don’t often get a thank you from patients and we don’t expect one, but it’s really nice when we do and to get the opportunity to meet them again.”