Large majority of Mail readers against lowering voting age to 16

Hartlepool Mail readers say the minimum voting age should NOT be reduced to 16.

Wednesday, 30th October 2019, 1:58 pm
Should the voting age be reduced to 16?

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to push Parliament for a General Election in December, we asked you: “Should the voting age for a general election or second referendum be lowered to 16?”

At the time of writing, around 1,300 people had voted in our Facebook poll: 26% said yes, 74% said no.

Ian Griffiths was in the majority. He said: “Most 16 year-olds can't make their mind up over a Big Mac or a Quarterpounder. If anything, voting should be changed to 25 and over!”

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Geoff Hare was in complete agreement. He said: “Absolutely NOT. They are teenagers not adults. Have no experience of life let alone governments.”

Gemma Wilson Mckie said simply: “Nope. They not sensible enough at that age! Maybe 18 or 21.”

Dave Ryan was in the minority. He said: “I believe anyone and everyone is entitled no matter how old. At the end of the day, we all have to live with the government's decision so we should all have a right no matter the age.

“We'll die sooner than the generation that it will truly impact.”

Stuart Hannon was less certain, saying: “I wouldn't say at 16 I knew what I wanted. At nearly 30 I guess I still don't. But 16 year-olds probably deserve as much of a say as we do, it's their future. It's a hard one.”

Graham Fraser said: “So we are thinking of letting a 16 year-old decide on the future of the country, but cannot buy alcohol or cigarettes or drive a car as they are not deemed responsible enough!”

Chris Wright said: “All children should vote! It'll affect them as well, not just 16-17 year old! Why stop there though? What about pets? They'll be affected by policies. Dave's pet Rabbit wants to know why there's a shortage of workers picking his favourite carrots!!”

Sarah Maher wants the voting age to be lowered.

She said: “Actually most 16 year-olds know what's happening in the world, you have to these days, it's getting very real and scary very fast. It should be lowered, it's their future too.”