Man in hospital after serious fall is desperate for help to find his beloved parrot Marley

A man has found himself in hospital with a fractured back and two broken feet after falling from a drainpipe while trying to bring his pet parrot down from the roof.

Saturday, 9th November 2019, 10:16 am
Paul with his pet parrot Marley. Plus the injuries to his feet after the fall.

Paul Driver is asking for the public’s help to bring his parrot home after the three-year-old pet escaped on Wednesday evening.

The 29-year-old had been putting out the bins at his home in Wheatley Hill, in County Durham, when Marley followed behind him and flew onto the roof.

In a panic to bring him down, Paul climbed the drain pipe and slipped. He’s now in hospital with two broken feet, which will need surgery, and a fractured back.

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Marley the parrot is missing in Wheatley Hill

But despite his injuries, Paul is desperate to get Marley home safe and has been appealing to the public for help from his hospital bed.

He said: “Around 7pm last night I went to put some rubbish out and he flew towards me. He’s normally fine and stays put in the house.

“As soon as he got out I panicked and tried to climb the drain pipe and slipped. I have broke both my feet and fractured my back.

“I think me falling has scared him and he’s flew off.

“I’m really worried about him. He’s my best pal, Marley and my dogs are all I have these days.

“I could be in hospital for at least two weeks, so far doctors are saying I’m going to need surgery on both my feet.”

Members of the public have got in touch and a bird who looks like Marley has been spotted in a garden in Dalton Terrace but was scared off.

Paul says Marley loves food such as nuts, crisps or ginger nut biscuits so people maybe able to entice him down.

“He goes wild for stuff like that so if someone shows them to him he may come down,” added Paul.

Marley the parrot has now been found safe.