Plans for eight-bedroomed house in Hartlepool recommended for green light

Planning bosses are being recommended to give the go-ahead to controversial plans for an eight-bedroomed house of multiple occupation in Hartlepool.

Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 1:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 3:15 pm
Houses on Park Road, Hartlepool, between Belmont Gardens and Eamont Gardens
Houses on Park Road, Hartlepool, between Belmont Gardens and Eamont Gardens

Proposals were submitted to Hartlepool Borough Council earlier this year to convert a property in Park Road into an eight bedroom house.

HMOs are properties split into separate bedsits, a shared house/flat or a hostel.

Planning documents by ASP Associates on behalf of applicant Saeed Khalid said proposals would ‘enhance the area’ and could create up to jobs refurbishing the site.

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However 17 objections have been received by the council to the plans - raising worries such as car parking and congestion problems, nuisance issues, and a potential increase in crime.

A decision is to be made on the plans by Hartlepool Borough Council planning committee at its meeting on Wednesday, May 8, with a report from council planning officer Leigh Dalby recommending plans are approved.

It said: “The proposal is not considered to create any significant adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area, nor impact the privacy or amenity of the surrounding neighbouring residents.

“There is no substantive evidence to support the assertions that the proposal will create significant parking or highway safety issue, nor will the proposal result in an objectively justified fear of crime.”

The applicant has stated the property will be supervised by a member of staff and the intended occupants are unknown at this time.

The site is currently listed as a smaller house in multiple occupation for up to six people and was formerly a three storey residential house.

Despite the council recommendation, objections were firmly against the development.

One objection from a Park Road resident said: “Unfortunately if this HMO is approved then the number of cars in the street could increase by 7- this would make parking even more impossible.

“I would feel forced to move out of my family home in order to live somewhere safer for my children. This should not be the case – these houses were designed and built for families. “

Another resident said: “These properties lower the tone of the area and bring problems to the area which is declining already I strongly object to the proposal and certainly would not want to live next to that.”

However a design and access statement on behalf of the applicant state the plans will benefit the area.

It said: “This property has fallen slightly in a state of disrepair, but our proposals would be a new lease of life for the property providing a worthwhile facility and protect the valuable amenities of the area.

“It is our opinion that the development will provide a good quality HMO residential accommodation.”

A decision will be made by the council planning committee at its meeting at 10am on Wednesday, May 8.

Nic Marko , Local Democracy Reporting Service