Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown's home town performance ban is lifted by Mayor

Controversial comedian Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown is set to perform in his home town following an unoffical ban.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 3:45 pm
Roy Chubby Brown.
Roy Chubby Brown.

The non-PC funnyman is set to perform for the first time in a number of years at Middlesbrough Town Hall, according to the town’s Mayor Andy Preston.

He has announced on Facebook that the venue had relented on its policy of not allowing him to play because he was considered ‘offensive’.

Roy, from Grangetown in Middlesbrough, is due to confirm some dates to perform in the New Year.

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Over the years the comedian has performed at the Sunderland Empire Theatre on a number of occasions.

And now he has had the backing of Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston, who took to social media to show his support for Roy.

He said: “Despite the rumours, comedian Roy Chubby Brown was never officially banned from Middlesbrough Town Hall – but I discovered the town hall had an unwritten policy of not allowing him to play here because he was considered "offensive".

“I’m happy to confirm that the Town Hall is ready to announce some dates in the new year for Chubby to perform at the town hall.

“Many big comedy names are controversial – in fact, that’s really part of what comedy is.

“Many comedians say things that some people may find offensive.

“Personally, Chubby Brown’s act isn’t my cup of tea – but I respect and will defend the right of Chubby to perform his act and for those who do find him funny to spend their hard-earned cash on tickets to see him.

“If you find Chubby Brown’s act offensive, there’s a simple answer – don’t go to see him.

“But I know there are lots of other people who do want to see him – and now they’ll be given that opportunity to see him in his hometown.

“At the town hall, we pride ourselves on a comedy programme that’s exciting, wide-ranging and sometimes controversial – that way we can deliver first class entertainment for all tastes.”