For Sale: 'Haunted house' complete with a dozen film references

House prices might be scary – but this Hartlepool property came with plenty of added extras.

By Fiona Thompson
Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 1:11 pm

The advert for the home detailed its 13 bedrooms, soundproofed spaces, big basement, hidden doors and landscaped garden thanks to ‘hours of blood, sweat and tears.’

The joke post, which went on to Right Move and Zoopla, got tens of thousands of views before the advertising sites took it down not legitimate – it would have been a bargain at £666.

But the team behind it, Collier Estates, has been aghast with the response, bringing a bit of light relief to those searching for a home in the lead up to Halloween.

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The girl from The Ring, a crucifix from the Exorcist and a moth from the Silence of the Lambs feature in this image of the haunted house's garden.

The advert ends: “Due to its dilapidated current state the price has been dramatically slashed to gain interest" and also says “viewings highly not recommended.”

A series of images were also put together by the company, which listed the house’s address as it’s own office within Advanced House, Wesley Square.

The photos featured a series of clues this was not the average sale, drawing on a number of horror films, from the girl in The Ring, carpet from The Overlook Hotel in The Shining, Pennywise’s balloon’s from IT, a Stranger Things alphabet wall and the penguin ornament from Misery.

Michael Thompson is creative director of the the company.

Can you spot the clues to the horror films referenced in the photos added to the house advert?

“We’ve had a frightening amount of people saying they liked the idea and wanted to buy the property and ringing to buy the house, but it’s been good for our own people and got people talking about Hartlepool.

The image of the front of the house mocked up for the advert.
A nod is made to at least four films in this image by the team.
The design team snuck in a number of props from horror films into the pictures.