The ‘spooky’ Hartlepool pub where unusual events happen almost every week

Unexpected reflections and people hearing their name being called when there’s nobody else around

Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 4:55 am
Over the Halloween weekend, Jo Banks will be holding an investigation at the pub open to the public.

These are just some of the extraordinary events experienced by staff at a Hartlepool pub.

But despite it all sounding a bit spooky, David Clark, manager of the Duke of Cleveland, in Church Walk, has said the events have never been a bother.

David, 28, said the occurrences usually happen on an evening when staff are closing up the pub.

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A number of extraordinary events have been experience by staff at The Duke of Cleveland pub in Church Walk, Hartlepool.

“It’s a weird place. It’s not a negative vibe, it’s a really nice atmosphere in there,” he said.

"There’s a big mirror in the hallway and once I looked in there and something caught my eye. I saw the reflection of a pregnant lady stood on top of the stairs.

“Straight away I turned and looked at the stairs and no one stood there. There was no one in the room.

"I didn’t know how to feel. I thought someone was pranking me.”

There are said to be ghostly goings-on at the pub.

On other occasions, staff have told David they heard their name being called behind them or saw someone on the balcony.

David said: “When you are pulling up on a night, sometimes you can see people in the window, but there’s actually no one in the building.”

He continued: "There’s not a week that goes by where something doesn’t click with someone.

"Every now and then something will crop up.

"It’s a lovely place and it doesn’t make you scared at any point.”

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The Grade II-listed building, which is thought to date back to 1790, was once the home of the first Duke of Cleveland, William Henry Vane, who tended to stay during the summer months in particular.

Hartlepool paranormal investigator Jo Banks has conducted a number of investigations in the building after feeling “drawn” to the place for many years.

Jo, who is preparing another open to the public investigation there over the Halloween weekend, said: "For many years I have felt drawn to the Duke of Cleveland, though I first remember it as the Conservative Club, and only set foot in it while it was being converted to its present use following its sale.

“During my first visit, I remember workmen showing me around, and telling me how they would put tools down in one place, go to pick them up and they would be in a different room.

"Then, on another visit, they heard me calling from downstairs, letting them know I was there, then looking out of a window to see me pulling into the car park.

"Others I spoke to, who worked or visited when it was The Conservative Club, told me how they would hear snooker balls hitting each other when the snooker rooms were empty.

She added: “It is probably from the Blue Room, on the first floor, that I have the most notable memories, with strong smells and fluctuations in temperature, while what has been described as poltergeist activity has been spoken of by more than one.”

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