What you said about 'fantastic' community project to tidy up areas of Hartlepool

The Hartlepool community has backed an idea from a local councillor to spruce up some of the town’s public spaces.

Sunday, 6th October 2019, 8:00 am
Updated Sunday, 6th October 2019, 9:00 am
One suggestion was to plant flowerbeds at Headland Promenande.

Residents have been invited to submit suggestions for which places they would like to see made greener and brighter with new flowers, a lick of paint or a freshen up at a meeting being held next week.

The project, masterminded by Jesmond ward councillor Amy Prince and project volunteers Sharon Barnes and Charlotte Randall, aims to brighten up Hartlepool with the community’s ideas.

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The event is being held at Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Other residents got in touch with their own suggestions for the project’s focus.

For more details about the meeting, which is taking place on Thursday, October 10 at Hartlepool Civic Centre, email Coun Prince via [email protected]

This is what you had to say on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Sharon Anne Barnes: “Brilliant idea Amy, I love that you are trying to do what you can to make things better in the town. We would all love to change the fundamental problems in the town but this takes a lot of time.”

Karl Schut: “Can we have some flower beds to protect the Headland prom from the sea please?”

Kelly Dionne: “Good on those who are organising this and who are supporting it.”

Bryan Littler: “ I would suggest some of the flower beds in Hart Village could benefit from the scheme.”

Katherine Yarrow: “What a great idea! Guerrilla gardening!”

Brian Barnes: “A brilliant idea, amongst the savage cuts from central Government, this is great to spruce our town up without dipping into to vital funds for other services.”

Jennifer Elliott: “Fantastic to see people coming together to improve the area we all live in!”

Ian Cawley: “This is a community project. I’ll be supporting it and volunteering instead of moaning about it.”