Pet cat mauled by loose dogs

John and Sylvia Harvey with a picture of their cat Monty
John and Sylvia Harvey with a picture of their cat Monty

A COUPLE are warning other pet owners to beware of loose dogs after their cat was mauled to death in the street.

John and Sylvia Harvey let out their black-and-while cat Monty, as they do each morning, when he was attacked.

The pair heard screeches from inside their home, in the Welldeck Road, area of Hartlepool, but by the time they got out to see what had happened they found Monty lying bleeding in the street.

Two dark-grey lurcher-type dogs were seen running away.

John said a neighbour who witnessed the incident saw collars on the dogs, suggesting they were not strays.

The 56-year-old accountant said: “Our neighbour said these dogs were just going wild.

“Monty didn’t stand a chance really and he died on the way to the vets. The vet said he had multiple injuries.”

He added: “We’re just concerned for other cats and even children in the area because if these dogs targeted one of them then who knows what might happen.”

Sylvia, 55, a carer, said: “We don’t want this to happen to anyone else so be careful before you let them out.

“Monty was the most affectionate and loving cat we’ve ever had.

“It’s like a nightmare, we’re just in shock.”