Pick up Shop for Schools points at the treble this weekend

Suzanne Cheney from the Middleton Grange shopping centre with th centre's Shop For Schools box.
Suzanne Cheney from the Middleton Grange shopping centre with th centre's Shop For Schools box.

A TRIPLE points-boosting weekend is in store for a Mail-backed competition.

Every pound shoppers at Middleton Grange Shopping Centre spend this coming Bank Holiday Monday is worth three times as many points for the Shop for Schools scheme.

And with parents busily stocking up on back to school gear ready for the new school term, centre bosses say 
there has never been a better time to help your chosen school.

There has been no change in the schools occupying 
the top five places in the Shop For Schools league table.

St Aidan’s Primary are leading the way as the most supported school out of the 24 Hartlepool primary schools taking part in the scheme this year.

The competition will draw to a close for another year on August 31.

Soon afterwards all the schools involved can convert the points they have collected into new equipment to 
give the new term a good start.

It could be anything from book collections and microscopes, to rounders sets, sports kits and cameras or laptop computers.

Tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods and equipment have been donated to dozens of schools across Hartlepool and East Durham over the last few years of the scheme.

And don’t forget that points earned on Sunday are worth double.

Just take your receipts from any Middleton Grange store to the customer service desk on the ground floor and staff will give you a point for every pound.

Then drop them into the collection box for your chosen school or nursery.

But to ensure fairness, each schools’ point scores are calculated by dividing them by the number of pupils they have.

1. St Aidan’s

2. Throston

3. Kingsley

4. St Helen’s

5. Barnard Grove

6. Ward Jackson

7. Eldon Grove

8. Springwell

9. Footprints

10. Holy Trinity

11. Stranton

12. St Cuthbert’s

13. Sacred Heart

14. Kiddikins

15. St Joseph’s

16. Golden Flatts

17. Lynnfield

18. Rift House

19. West Park

20. West View

21. Owton Manor

22. Blackhall

23. Catcote

24. Hart

25. St Bega’s

26. St Peter’s