PICTURE SPECIAL: Hartlepool pupils in Halloween spirit

THESE cute little pumpkins have been getting right into the mood for Halloween.

These Halloween-loving classmates from Grange Primary School, in Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool, got geared up for the spooky season by designing and helping to create their very own ghoulish pumpkin faces.

PUMPKIN FUN: Josie-Leigh Nelson, left, and Libby Spence.

PUMPKIN FUN: Josie-Leigh Nelson, left, and Libby Spence.

Class teacher Victoria Spence set the five and six-year-olds the terrifying task and 
they loved every minute.

The youngsters came up with the ideas of what they wanted their pumpkin faces to look like and used shapes they had been learning about in class, and then had to write a set of instructions for their teachers who did the ‘knife-work’.

The kids then used spoons to scoop the insides out of their Halloween pumpkins, which were then put on display in their school.

Miss Spence was delighted with the way the children worked, and said as well as having lots of fun with the activity, they put to use their academic skills as well.

Charlie Archibold

Charlie Archibold

She said: “We are doing instruction writing in class at the minute and we thought that with it being the run-up to Halloween we could tie it in with some fun pumpkin carving.

“The children told 
us what to do with the knives and what shapes to carve out for the faces, 
and then they scooped the centre out themselves.”

The seeds that were scraped from the middle of the pumpkins are going to be planted so that the children can hopefully get to experience them growing.

Miss Spence added: “Hopefully we’ll have some pumpkins of our very own this time next year.

“It links in to the children recognising plants from the local environment, and really goes across the curriculum, covering science, literacy and 2D shapes from maths that they’ve been learning as well.

“They all came up with some great ideas and 
made some great pumpkin faces. They had a fabulous time and they’re all so 
excited for Halloween.”