Pioneering MS treatment going well for Hartlepool dad

Eric Thomson.
Eric Thomson.

Hartlepool dad Eric Thomson is doing well in Mexico as he undergoes the pioneering MS stem cell treatment which could change his life.

Eric, 50, from Jowitt Road, made the journey to the Riaz Clinic with wife Joanne on Sunday to receive a Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantations (HSCT).

The surgery offers the possibility of slowing, if not stopping, the progression of his Primary Progressive MS and improve mobility.

Nearly a week on since he flew out to Mexico, Eric is doing well, having already undergone fitness tests and two bouts of chemotherapy ahead of the final stages of treatment next week.

Eric remained positive and said he is looking forward to the end result.

He said: “Everything is going great.
“The first two days of tests were rough starting at 9am, and finishing 10pm. 
“On Wednesday, I had my first five-hour chemotherapy session and I had another five-hour session on Thursday, but life is good.

“Now I have four days off from treatment, then I am back in hospital for stem cell collection.

“After that I will have two more days of chemotherapy and then neutropenia until July 3, when I get my stem cells back, which I am calling my new birthday.”

When Eric, was given the devastating diagnosis of Primary Progressive MS four years ago, he was told there was no treatment in this country and was forced to watch his whole life change as symptoms progressed.

But friends and family rallied around Eric, who has been battling the condition for the last four years, to raise the £38,650 needed for his surgery.

Over the course of the campaign, led by family friend Angela Crowe, various fundraising events have been held including a Calendar Girls style calendar, a Ben Nevis Trek and numerous fundraising nights.
Before he left he thanked the public for their support and help to raise the funds for the surgery which he hopes will change his life forever.
Before he left he said: “I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received and continue to receive, from family and friends to local business.

“I am sure I will be coming home July 17 fitter and stronger and maybe even walking again.”

To donate to Eric’s cause please visit: