Plan in the spotlight

HARTLEPOOL’S proposed new Local Plan will be formally examined by a Government-appointed inspector next month.

Formerly known as the Core Strategy, the Local Plan lays down the main planning framework for the borough for the next 15 years and has been prepared by Hartlepool Borough Council following extensive public consultation.

It includes details of the aspirations for Hartlepool’s future development and what kind of changes will be needed to achieve these and how they will be brought about.

However, before it can be adopted by the council, it must be subject to a public examination by a planning inspector acting on behalf of the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

The inspector will examine the Local Plan to check that it is sound and complies with all legal requirements and will consider any outstanding objections to it.

The Hartlepool Local Plan Examination will be carried out by Government Planning Inspector Kevin Ward and will take place on weekdays from Tuesday, January 29, to Friday, February 8.

It will be held in the Conference Facility in Hartlepool College of Further Education in Stockton Street, and members of the public are welcome to watch the proceedings. There will be two sessions per day, starting at 10am and 2pm.

Among the matters which Mr Ward will examine are:

l The overall provision which the Local Plan makes for new housing;

l The provision which the Local Plan makes for delivering new housing, including in proposed extensions of housing to the west of Fens and Owton Manor and in Upper Warren, Elwick, Hart and Wynyard;

lThe overall supply of land for housing;

l The Local Plan’s approach to the overall housing mix and affordable housing;

l Provision of gypsy and traveller sites in the borough,

l The Local Plan’s approach to retail and commercial development and to land for employment use.

The Planning Inspector will publish his findings in spring 2013. Subject to Government approval, the proposed Local Plan would then be put before the Full Council for approval and adoption later next year.

For more information about the Hartlepool Local Plan Examination, contact Jim Riddle on 07740493307 or e-mail