Plea for action over Seaton eyesore

Wally Stewart outside the Longscar Centre
Wally Stewart outside the Longscar Centre

A RESIDENT is calling for urgent action to be taken on an eyesore building.

Wally Stewart welcomed recent regeneration work to make Seaton Carew look more attractive.

But he says the efforts are being hampered by the appearance of the derelict Longscar Centre on The Front.

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Mr Stewart, 69, who has lived in Seaton Carew for 12 years, branded the building “a disgrace” and a target for vandals.

He said: “A lot of effort has gone into making the front presentable but the other side of the road is like a 1970s scene from Beirut.

“When I first came here it was past its sell-by date but there were still a couple of bars open.

“Then they died a few years. Now its a target for vandalism, and its getting worse and worse.

“On a weekend, Seaton gets very busy with a lovely beach and great atmosphere, I think it’s a shame.

“The general comments of many people who live here are the same.”

The Longscar Centre was previously included on Mayor Stuart Drummond’s list of “grot spots.”

Mr Stewart, who is also president of Seaton Carew Cricket Club and Sports and Social Club at Hornby Park, added: “I don’t think it’s a good idea to refurbish it. It is probably cheaper to knock it down and restyle it.

“Just please, do something with it. Before you know it the whole of Seaton will be looking sad.”

The building could be redeveloped as part of wider £5m improvement plans for The Front.

In December, Hartlepool Borough Council selected Esh Group as the preferred developer for the housing and leisure proposals.

A council spokesman said: “We fully recognise the issue of the Longscar Centre’s appearance and the importance of improving that area for residents, businesses and visitors.

“We are currently in ongoing negotiations with the Longscar Centre’s owners regarding its purchase.”

The owner, Capanac Leisure, was not available for comment.