Pleased with road markings

A RESIDENT has hailed the quick response of housing companies who put road markings down at a potentially dangerous junction.

As reported in the Mail, Christine Blakey, 43, was worried about a junction in the Bishop Cuthbert Estate, in Hartlepool.

Christine, who works as a Hartlepool Borough Council resident representative for the area, said she had a few near misses at the junction between Silverbirch Road and Merlin Way and felt it was only a “matter of time” before the confusion resulted in an accident.

But just two days after Christine had voiced her concerns in the Mail, she said she was “over the moon” to see bright road markings being printed making it clear who has right of way on the road.

“It has made such a difference,” said Christine, who lives nearby in the estate with her partner, David Nin, 54, a co-owner at Lotus Garden, on Hartlepool Marina.

“An accident there was inevitable because drivers coming from Sainsbury’s were just pulling on to the road thinking they had right of way.

“I was nearly involved in an accident there on a number of occasions.”

The estate was built by Bellway Homes in partnership with Persimmon Homes, who responded when the Mail got in contact with them voicing the residents’ concerns.

Christine, who is a mum to Sean, 25, added: “To have the road markings put down so quickly was brilliant.

“It will make such a difference and I know I’m not the only resident who was so pleased to see them.

“I have been fighting for more than two years to get some road markings or a sign put in place.

“I would like to thank the Mail for their help.”