Points boost for Shop for Schools in today’s Hartlepool Mail

Suzanne Cheney from the Middleton Grange shopping centre with the centre's Shop For Schools box
Suzanne Cheney from the Middleton Grange shopping centre with the centre's Shop For Schools box

MAIL readers can give their favourite school a boost in their bid for new equipment.

Today we are printing 50 bonus points for the mail-backed Shop For Schools Initiative in association with Middleton Grange Shopping Centre in Hartlepool.

They can be used to add to your chosen participating school’s overall total which will be turned into top new equipment, kit and learning aids.

St Aidan’s Primary School is still topping the table for the most points collected per pupil so far.

It is closely followed by Throston Primary School, Kingsley, Barnard Grove and Eldon Academy.

Our bonus points are a great way to give participating schools a big boost and climb the table.

Shop for Schools works by turning every pound spent in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre into a one point voucher.

Shoppers take their receipts to the complex’s information desk for them to be converted.

They will then be stamped and turned into tokens which can be immediately placed in one of 24 boxes marked with each participating school or nursery’s name. Every pound spent on a Sunday is worth double points.

In the years the scheme has been running, tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods and equipment have been donated to dozens of schools across Hartlepool and East Durham.

Schools can take their pick from a range of great prizes including new sports kits, digital cameras, microscopes and other classroom equipment.

The contest runs until the end of August so there is still plenty of time to help your favourite school.

Schools’ point scores are calculated by dividing them by the number of pupils in the school to ensure fairness regardless of its size.

Please also remember that photocopied tokens cannot be accepted.