Police called after bones were found on a beach


POLICE were called to a beach after a dog walker discovered bones in the sand.

The woman was walking her pet along the beach at Blackhall Colliery and spotted the bones near to an area known locally as Three Coves.

She phoned 999 around 5.15pm on Saturday and officers from Peterlee Police Station attended along with the force medical examiner.

The dog walker showed them her find but, the expert was able to confirm that the bones were animal bones and not that of a human.

A spokesman for Peterlee Police said: “A member of the public who was walking her dog saw them and phoned police.

“The force medical examiner was sent out to have a look and the lady took them to where the bones were and determined that they were not human.

“The force medical examiner was able to say 100 per cent that they were animal bones.”