Police hailed for heroism

Award winners at the District Commander's Commendation Ceremony
Award winners at the District Commander's Commendation Ceremony

HARD-WORKING police officers were hailed as heroes at their annual awards night.

Hartlepool Police staff gathered with their families at the town’s Historic Quay to see their achievements recognised by their bosses.

Dramatic life-saving efforts, acts of bravery involving guns and knives and tireless investigations that have seen callous crooks locked up for years and years were among the subjects for District Commander Commendations and Certificates of Merit.

Superintendent Glenn Gudgeon, District Commander for Hartlepool, said: “This is a tough job and it’s tough for those who support those in the job.

“The night is about recognising, understanding and marking the achievements made during the last months.

“These are not given out lightly, we consider a lot of applications for these awards and it is hard to decide who receives them.

“Everyone should be proud of the service they give the people of Hartlepool.”

And Supt Gudgeon was keen to point out that those awarded had carried out their fantastic work during a tough time for the force.

He added: “We are all facing difficult times at the moment.

“We took a big hit last year in terms of cuts and will again this year.

“But look at what we have all done. We have stood out from the crowd and served the people of Hartlepool.

“We have all been out there and policed together and have achieved a lot.”