Police issue ‘lock up your bike or lose it’ warning

Temporary Chief Inspector Lee Rukin
Temporary Chief Inspector Lee Rukin

POLICE are urging members of the public to ‘lock it or lose it’ following a recent increase in the theft of pedal cycles in the Hartlepool area.

Cycles are frequently left in gardens without being locked and outside of shops where they can be easily stolen.

Temporary Chief Inspector Lee Rukin said: “We have seen an increase in bike thefts over recent weeks and we’d like to remind people how important it is to lock their cycles and not create an ideal chance for opportunist thieves to strike.

“Neighbourhood Policing Teams can carry out postcode etching on cycles if required. It would be advisable for the owners of bikes to make a note of their cycles’ unique frame number as well as the make and model details. A photograph can also prove useful for identification and recovery purposes.”

Recently, a new fleet of cycles was purchased by police in Hartlepool and have been useful in maximising officers patrolling capabilities.

Each one is fully equipped with locks and lights which were kindly provided by Hartlepool Road Safety team.

Temp Chf Inspector Rukin added: “The new equipment and cycles are allowing officers to cover wider areas effectively and efficiently as well as access locations otherwise impossible by a vehicle. Pedal cycles have proven to be a common mode of transport for local criminals and this is best matched by an officer using the same means of transport.”

Members of the public who own bikes are also reminded to use lights during the hours of darkness and to use helmets to prevent injuries.

Anyone with information regarding the theft of pedal cycles in the Hartlepool area is asked to contact their local police on the non-emergency 101 number or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.